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A Girl and Her Bear

So, when we had our Christmas get together I took a ton of pictures (as usual) with my digital camera.  After I did some editing and sent out all the pictures I'd take (or, more accurately, those that turned out okay), I went back and did a series of pics called "Christmas That Didn't Happen", which was basically the pics with funny captions and other alterations. 

Here's an example...

This is Eve, my niece.  She got a glowing bear for Christmas.  She LOVED that thing, she was toting it around everywhere giggling.  I took several pics of her with it and on the ones without the flash you can really see the glow effect.  The caption just came to me naturally. 

(BTW, if you're wondering, I called her "Susie" in the pic because I wasn't sure how well her mom would take a pic that jokes about something bad happening to her little girl, so I figured a name change would dilute any shock she might feel.  Luckily, she thought the pic was funny.)
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